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Making yourself cosy for a group Gong Bath

What do I need when attending a group Gong Bath? or any group sound session.

Firstly a bottle of water is always a must as you need to keep hydrated.

Then there is your bed which would be a mat to lie on, this can be anything from a yoga mat, sports mat to a camping self inflating mat. Having attended many gong baths and recently started facilitating group gong baths, I must say I have seen lots of different types of comfy mats. The more unusual ones tend to be quite a talking point in the group either before or after the session. Then there are some gong baths you go to where the facilitator has provided sheepskin/faux fur rugs (a lovely touch) however I have found that is usually in their own studio which is quite different to someone hiring a hall or events space.

A blanket or something to keep you warm as your body temperature does tend to drop while you are experiencing the gong session. Some people bring along sleeping bags, which is fantastic especially in the colder months plus a pillow or cushion to use as a head rest if you so choose too.

A must for me is cosy socks, the thicker the better, it is always trial and error until you find what makes your cosy nest, this for some also may include an eye pillow.

For many reasons some people cannot lie on the floor, it is perfectly acceptable to bring along a folding chair something like a light garden chair however always remember to bring along your pillow and blanket.

Occasionally some like to sit on their mats or lie on the floor without anything to lie on, that is also perfectly acceptable and from time to time there are some who even stand throughout the gong session.

Whatever you bring along for your cosy nest remember it is personal to yourself for your own personal needs, there is no judgement from anyone and many find they receive complements on their inventive cosy nest. You do not need to go out and buy lots of different things for the gong bath, you can use whatever you have to hand at home for example bring along your quilt and pillow from your bed.

Finally I always find after the gong bath that I am peckish so always have a few healthy snacks in my bag or in the car to nibble before the journey home.

Happy Gonging.

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