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Hello I am Pam from Essential Soul Wellbeing. My background for many years has been Holistic Therapies and Energy Work however over the last few years I have slowly moved away from the Holistic Therapies to concentrate on being a qualified Sound Practitioner. This has been a journey of self discovery and empowering both personally and professionally, I can honestly say every day is a learning day, there is always something new to learn and discover.

At Essential Soul Wellbeing I offer a safe, non judgmental space helping to improve and promote the overall physical and mental wellbeing of an individual using gong baths, sound meditations, Tibetan singing bowl sessions and Reiki drum journeys, all of which can be one to one, group settings, private events, retreats and corporate in which to facilitate this.

We all live busy stressful lives, that is why it is so important to stop and reconnect with self, destressing with time out for yourself to rebalance your energy. Giving yourself permission, time and space to switch off and unwind from life’s hectic pace as the soundscapes take you on a journey of relaxation, destressing, balancing and rejuvenating the mind, body and soul, clearing your mind, cleansing your energy, feeling calmer and brighter. All treatments are tailored to each person’s individual needs.


I am fully qualified and insured. And I am a full member of the College of Sound Healing. 

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