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Luxury Aromatherapy Facial Massage

A deeply relaxing treatment for the face, scalp, neck and shoulders. With the use of essential oils this treatment balances and freshens the skin. Treatment includes cleanse, tone, massage with essential oils, mask and moisture, leaving you and your skin feeling rejuvenated.

Treatment time 50 minutes...£35

The Bacial

A cleansing and nourishing Facial for your back, to include a Neck and Back Massage with Frankincense Essential Oil.

The Bacial is an Aroma Facial for the back, balances, refreshes and rejuvenates you and your skin. A Himalayan Salt Body Scrub also used in this treatment, naturally rich in vitamins and minerals and rejuvenates skin.

Treatment time 60 minutes...£40

"Reiki Drum Mental Reprogramming"

Is a way to address negative habits, wanting to over come bad habits or focus the mind in a positive way. Reiki Drum Mental Reprogramming facilitates the energetic shift to affect the subconscious mind in a positive way.

Treatment time 30 minutes...£40 

Reiki Attunements


First Degree

This is the most important degree as it activates Reiki in our hands for the rest of our life. It teaches us to love ourselves and to look more at our own potential. This is the key to self empowerment.

The First degree is composed of four attunements.

The First opens our aura, this is our casual body, the soul.

The Second powers us up (tops up our batteries) our astral/mental bodies.

The Third balances this power, acts in our etheric body, the emotions.

The Fourth seals the channel open permanently, locking in place for life, the physical body.

The Second Degree

The Second Degree opens our heart further outwards, again helping us to develop compassion for others. The Attunement at this level provides a leap in our vibrational level.

The Three Sacred Symbols taught at this level also become activated with this Attunement. They enable us to conduct absent healing and distant healing. As reiki at this level has the greatest emphasis in the etheric body, the student will also have the ability to direct healing through any portion of their lives, past, present and future. This enables them to deal with their own emotionally issues effectively and to resolve their own blockages and traumas more easily. The Third Eye (brow chakra) is also greatly affected, heightening intuitive abilities of the student.

Third Degree/Masters

This is The Reiki Master level. The vibrational level is amplified even further. Two more of the Sacred Symbols and the method of passing attunements is taught.

A Reiki Master holds no power over their students, but simply someone who has chosen to accept the greater responsibilities for their own life, by acknowledging that they are masters of their own destiny. The Attunement process at this level opens the students heart outwards permanently. Total dedication to the Reiki Principles is expected of the Reiki Master.

Please feel free to enquire for further detail's.


Aroma Neck and Back Massage with Reiki. Ideal for tackling stress and tension within the back and neck areas with the added bonus of essential oils mixed to suit your individual needs plus the emotional benefits of reiki healing.

Treatment time

60 minutes...£40

What is a gong bath, a sound meditation, it is a unique experience in which you are bathed in the sound waves and vibrations of gongs and other instruments. All you need to do is make yourself cosy on your mat with your blankets and pillow, secure in the knowledge that you are in a safe, non-judgmental space, giving yourself permission, time and space to switch off and unwind from life’s hectic pace as the gongs take you on a journey of relaxation, de stressing, balancing and rejuvenating your mind, body and soul. Sound healing reminds the body of its optimal vibration.


During the session you may feel the vibrations, see colours, imagery, smell, hear or even feel sensations through your body or as quite commonly happens be in a deep sleep. Whatever your experience it is unique to you at that moment in time.

What you will need. You will need to bring a mat or something to lie on and a blanket, pillow, whatever you need to make yourself cosy and warm plus water to drink. Some may not be able to lie on the floor, it is ok to bring something like a camping chair or a fold down chair to sit on again bring pillow, blanket to make your self warm and cosy. 


Collaboration with Mel Grant Holistic Therapies 

An evening of relaxation, to unwind & recharge with meditations, mindful movement, Gong bath and more

21st July 2023 7pm to 9pm

Pen-y-ffordd War Institute 

to book your place please contact 

Reiki Drum Journey

Love & Light by Sonia, Llandudno

22nd August 2023 1pm to 2pm

Energy Exchange £12

Gong Bath

Trelogan Community Centre

6th September 2023 7pm to 8.15pm

Energy Exchange £15

Gong Bath

Beach Body Fitness, Denbigh 

9th September 2023 2pm to 3.15pm

Energy Exchange £15

 Terms & Conditions for event's

Some health conditions may not be suitable for a gong or sound session, such as first trimester of pregnancy, metal plates and pins, pace maker, head trauma or recent surgery, epilepsy, tinnitus, serve mental health issues. If you have any health conditions or  concerns please get in touch before booking.

  • I operate a 48 hour cancellation policy on events. Tickets are not refundable or transferable within 48 hours of the event. You can however gift them to a friend, family member or someone else. 
    Tickets cancelled 48 hours or more before the event are refundable and transferable. 
    Please contact Pam if you require a refund or have to cancel/gift/transfer your ticket for the event. 

  • Events will commence at the published time, any late arrivals will not be admitted into the event as this disturbs the rest of the group.

  • No under sixteens permitted at these events.


Reiki Drumming, to combine Reiki and Drumming in a way of bringing about a deeper relaxation which in turn can release deep seated issues, restoring balance and harmony. The rhythmic beat of the heart is the first sound we know before we enter this world.  The rhythm of the drum reminds the body of its optimal vibration and accessing the clients inner wisdom, this is empowering and healing on all levels. This is a shorter treatment than a normal Reiki session.

Treatment time

30 minutes...£40

"Drum Journey"

The rhythmic beat of the heart is the first sound we know before we enter this world.  The rhythm of the drum reminds the body of its optimal vibration and accessing the clients inner wisdom, this is empowering and healing on all levels. This facilitates altered consciousness for clients to access information in a chosen area of their life such as personal issues, relationship and career concerns. The Drum Journey accesses the clients inner wisdom, this can be empowering and healing on all levels. Can be one to one or group based.

Treatment time

30 minutes...£40 (one to one client based.)

Group Sessions are available price varies according to group size.

Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy facilitates healing and balance within the body, it uses the vibrations of the Crystals to facilitate your own healing. The use of Crystals dates back to Ancient Egyptian times, they used Crystals not only for jewellery but also protection & health purposes. Crystal comes from the Greek work Ice. This is a natural holistic therapy which taps into the energies/properties of Crystals assisting to unblock/focus/direct energy in a positive way. After placing of crystals on a clothed body, Reiki is then used amplifying the Crystal energies. Also included is a Guided Meditation.

Treatment time

60 minutes...£40

Hopi Ear Candle treatment

Hopi Ear Treatment. Named after the Native American Hopi Tribe. The candles induce a pleasant feeling of warmth and balance of pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses. A soothing and painless treatment promoting a feeling of deep relaxation. Ideal for conditions such as headaches, migraine, waxy ears, tinnitus, flying and diving pressure problems.

Treatment time

30mins £30

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